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October's Spotlight

Dear Friends and Supporters of Orphans and Destitute Children,


We at Children of Hope extend our greetings and well wishes to you and your loved ones.


This newsletter is the second in our spotlight series featuring our outstanding partners and their incredible work in support of orphans and destitute children.This month we are proud to showcase ZLT Hope Homes in Nairobi, Kenya. 


ZLT Hope Homes provides safe shelter and support to children and youth affected by abuse and abandonment. We believe that all children should have access to proper nutrition, quality education, and health care in a safe environment which builds strong family bonds. We seek to strengthen communities by aiding children in vulnerable conditions struggling with the effects of childhood trauma. Our goal is that every child and youth supported by ZLT Hope Homes will become a responsible and dignified adult with core values that empower them to be successful and contributing members of society.

ZLT Hope Homes provides a safe home to 30+ children who are orphaned, abused or abandoned. The Safe Home program provides psychosocial support to children affected by abuse and abandonment. The team specializes in supporting children who have experienced significant trauma.


Please take a look at the short video for a few more glimpses of the world at ZLT Hope Homes.

September's Spotlight

Dear Friends and Supporters of Orphans and Destitute Children;


We at Children of Hope are delighted to announce our spotlight series. Each month, we will spotlight one of our partners who are doing incredible work. 


For our first spotlight, we are honoured to introduce you to Rising Sun Education and Welfare Society in Pakistan. Rising Sun has the vision to make special children confident and self-reliant members of the society. Their mission is to provide these children with all the educational and training facilities to enhance their capabilities and rehabilitate them in the society. COH has been one of their valued partners since 2022, already assisting them in fulfilling this objective for 35 children.


Rising Sun works with children with disabilities (CWDs) including children who have cerebral palsy, visual impairments, intellectual disabilities, speech and communication issues, and autism spectrum disorder. They also provide early intervention for families with children with special needs.  One of their objectives is to provide medical, psycho-educational, speech and language assessment and therapy services to CWDs enrolled at Rising Sun Institute or referred by different specialists and professionals. Rising Sun is dedicated to community ownership, mobilization and collaboration. They have mobile teams that provide all professional services (speech therapy, sensory, physical and occupational therapy, assessment, counseling etc. 


Our Board Member Yasmin Haq has visited Rising Sun twice in the past year. She was very impressed by the dedication, kindness, and love shown by the team to their special children. The children captivated her heart. A small collection of her photos have been included in the newsletter to give you a glimpse into life at Rising Sun. 

image_6487327 (1) (1).JPG
image_6487327 (1) (1).JPG

Please take a look at the short video for a few more glimpses of the world at Rising Sun

Rising Sun September Spotlight and check out their website at to learn more.

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