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Bangladesh - Youths for Rohingya Development (YRD)

YRD continues to run the Education Centre for Rohingya orphans in the world’s largest refugee camp in Bangladesh. Two teachers provide quality education, conducting lessons for the English language, Burmese language, math, sports, and the culture of Myanmar. All children are happy to be in school and derive great joy from learning.


There is a great deal of preparation that is required to provide quality education to the children. Surveys are conducted and 50 orphans are selected. Books and other educational materials are purchased for all children. To support academic achievements and childhood development, the children are taught about health and hygiene. Lesson plans are developed, the cultural drawing curriculum is prepared, and the cultural activities are planned. Examinations are arranged and monitoring and reporting processes are put in place. 


The cultural drawing activities incorporated into the children’s education is critically important for their development, mental wellness, and overcoming the trauma of being displaced from their homeland and losing their parents and other family members. It’s very common for the children to express their feelings by drawing pictures of home back in Myanmar. 

Project Name: Youths for Rohingya Development (YRD)

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh


Project Start Date: 2015

Number of Children Supported: 50

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